gdgdhdj EP ‘Soul to Sell” out NOW!! posted by Malte on 17.08.2014 via facebook copyright 2014 - YIEK Jensens Blog: The video is the message posted by Jens on 20.11.2011 via myspace Yeah, yeah. I know some of you didn’t believe that they gonna hear anything from us in the future – but now you also can see us. “Toxication Party” is one of the songs which we recently recorded. Therefore we had to do a video clip. With this Three-Minute Action we also apply for a Festival slot for “Rock-in-den-Ruinen”. For those of you that wanted to see us live on the 28th of April in Dortmund – take a look, and vote for us: here -> 1/t/783560/on/407313/a/3/ID/783239  If you like the song, quote a blog, here ->  Be excited for what happens next! Regards YIEK Video Votings Hey folks!!! ;) in fact, the votings for the video aren’t enough, but at this point a really big THANK YOU  to all of you who are rocking the mouse button for us!!! You are a really great bunch!!!   Greetz & Rockx posted by Aram on 28.11.2011 via facebook Bandpage Design Check out our new bandpage design and listen to our new songs, if you haven’t done yet...nice weekend to all friends of hard beatmusic..;) posted by Aram on 10.12.2011 via facebook Jensens Blog: Final Phase A big „Thank you“ to all Clickers, Voters and Fans – you rock! We too – eventually at the “Rock in den Ruinen” Festival. Because of you all, we got a chance. Within the band contest of the DEW21, we are at – dramatic break – 1800 votes. On Monday, the jury comes together and takes out ten bands who got the most votings for the finals. Show the people who has to be there! YIEK, YIEK, YIEK! -> 1/t/783560/on/407313/a/3/ID/783239 posted by Jens on 08.01.2012 via myspace You’ve made it You’ve made it! We are in the final round! On Saturday the 21st of January, YIEK and four other great bands are rocking for a slot at the Rock in den Ruinen Festival. All of you guys are invited to share this evening with us, whether if we win the slot or not…the main thing is, that it will be a cool evening with great bands! A really big “Thank you” again for all of your votings…Details for the 21st will follow! posted by Aram on 13.01.2012 via facebook Thx for your support again Moin, thanks for your fantastic support last night! Especially to the Sauerland-Crew! It was a fine evening, also the aftershow-party in the Cosmo Club. It’s time again for bouillon cubes. To all of you - a pleasant Sunday, greetings to the couch and hopefully see you soon! posted by Malte on 22.01.2012 via facebook New YIEK EP                            includes the smashing Track:

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NEWSLETTER “Toxication Party” - OUT NOW - Free mp3 Hey friends, from now on and for the next week you can download our smashing song „toxication party“ for free. All you have to do is to click the download button for toxication party on our bandpage (facebook). Have fun. Greetz, the yieks. posted by Aram on 29.02.2012 via facebook Endorsement Finally - YIEK for takeaway! After a mass of hours in the studio, high percentage pitchers and ritalin drops - three new songs of YIEK are blasting out of your boxes: “Toxication Party” - follow the bass for dancing “Little Bitch” – sing along? go along? both! “Let me go” – this is what the guys call a “quite song” The Live-Energy of YIEK for take away and to carry it always with you, on their new EP “Now for whatever”. Available worldwide at itunes, musicload, amazon mp3, napstar and all other common download portals. For the streaming version, please visit spotify. For the oldschool-fans: A limited number of CDs incl. booklet and everything -  we sell at out shows. Enjoy! posted by Jens on 18.03.2012 via website YIEK - now sponsored by "You think of your mate, it`s just a question... and dream of boosting his attraction??? Every woman needs a man in action!!! - so try and taste the skull-collection" posted by Malte on 23.04.2012 via facebook YIEK on the MiE 22 Sampler! "What does a bank has to do with YIEK? Well, they’ve got enough money to promote our music to the people! Just happened with the new “Made in Essen 22” Sampler Now available at all Sparkassen Centers in Essen. …and to hear for what they are spending their money, they also want! And we can pick up all of you guys ;) posted by Malte on 23.06.2012 via facebook YIEK at the finals if the Deutschen Rock & Pop Price 2012 One of our strengths always was the megalomania. Therefore we are starting at the "Deutschen Rock & Pop Price" in the category of Hard Rock. If not everything will be broken within our five minutes, we are totally rock - for sure…! There are over 70 Bands and all of them only got five minutes to load in and play. So, if there's somebody who is willing to take care of us at this sporting event - we also have 50 tickets for free. A trophy? Medals? -What ever it is, that we are going to take in Wiesbaden -we will take it home to you guys! Support your local underground - also in Hesseland. posted by Malte on 25.11.2012 via facebook YIEK as the Newcomer of the month at SOUNDCHECK The net platform Backstage PRO and the well known SOUNDCHECK Zine take care that their readers and listeners be aware of good music. Since November 2008 they are presenting selected acts of their bandpool. This month its us. Here's the link: posted by Aram on 18.08.2012 via facebook New LPs in digital distribution - highlights of the year 2012 Within the edition "aufgelegt:Labeledition", Backstage Pro in association with finetunes, regularly announces some publication out of their digital sale. In the Christmas Special you will shown the highlights of 2012. The highlights are Eva Croissant, Phyria, Philip Bölter, Hyrax, Lavender, Goodwill Intent, Matou Noir und Yiek. weihnachtsspezial-highlights-aus-dem-jahr-2012-BJKRfSF9Qn.html posted by Malte on 29.12.2012 via facebook Out of the archive ...YIEK Merch-Shop in 2009! posted by Aram via facebook Folks! It’s getting official ! Welcome Sebastian a.k.a. Tönni within the YIEK Familiy...!! posted by Malte on 23.03.2014 via facebook ‘Soul to Sell’ (2014) buy the EP - click here